Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome Back

Aaaahhhh. The return of Project Runway. I've waited 5 months for this. The Fashion Show just didn't measure up. Kelly Rowland instead of Heidi Klume??? What's that? Anyway...I was so excited I actually got to watch it at home uninterrupted last night, and already have gripes.
I'm glad a good amount of this cast is either in their 30's or older because it's always inspiring to see those individuals still climbing to break into the business. A sort of "Never Give Up" attitude.

What didn't sit well with me last night was Johnny Sakalis.
I'm sorry .. is it Project Runway or Project Rehab? Don't get me wrong.. Kudos to him for getting off of Meth but please don't make the show about your addiction. If I hear that word more than three more times this season I'm gonna flip. That's #1. #2. was the fact that they kept Mitchell Hall???

What the hell?? He sent out a naked model. I thought Ari Fish was unique and had extreme potential. I was way more interested in seeing what she would've came up with in later challenges than Mitchell. I little bit of a let down but what are you gonna do. I'm just thrilled the show is back on. I love Michael and Nina, and was surprised with how informative Lindsay Lohan was as a judge last night. She impressed me. Welcome Back PR!....Carry On!

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