Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Have you heard of Jennifer Nicole Lee?

Have you seen JNL?

Before and After.. it's amazing I know.
I love Jennifer Nicole Lee. Love her... but lately... I just can't help but find her extremely annoying. It all started when flipping through the channels one day I stopped on HSN because I saw they were selling some new fitness machine -Ab Circle Pro-that struck me as a little strange. Stunned and a little excited I shout to Patrick "Hey!! That's Jennifer Nicole Lee!! I love this woman!!" The love subsided once she opened her mouth....

Now I know they're suppose to seem enthusiastic about the merchandise they're promoting but she just annoyed the hell out of me. I've seen her on YouTube and read about her in a couple issues of Oxygen magazine. She seemed so down to earth and sincere. Sweet, motherly, loving..you know. Awesome. On HSN she was just loud and a little obnoxious making these strange noises while gyrating awkwardly on that machine. I couldn't tolerate anymore nor could Patrick. We had to turn the channel.

Days past as well as a little bit of my confusion about her. I watched some of her videos on Bodybuilding.com, and read a few more of her articles figuring she can't be all that bad. One night...came across her on HSN again...the same feeling. Had to turn the channel. Now I'm watching her on YouTube now and can't help but feel the same. AAAAHHH that's what it is! She's on here promoting the machine again. So.. it's only when she's talking about the Ab Circle Pro that she becomes the JNL I can't stand. I see.

She's a beautiful women and I admire her for going from chubby mommy with kids to banging fitness model who worked her ass off..or to pure perfection. Will I ever want to watch her promote something where they ask her to be excited about it ...no. It's like watching two different people. I still respect her and love her tho. Love you Jen.. Muah Muah Muah!!

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