Monday, June 29, 2009

Speaking Of Weight Training

I got my P90X in the mail this past Saturday. I've been commenting everywhere how I'm SO EXCITED!!! about it (I'm sure ppl are sick of hearing it..). Which is true.. I love exercising and am always looking for the next big/ toughest thing. I've always had a respect for Tony Hortons approach at physical fitness and was thrilled when he came out with this. Not sure when I'm really gonna "Bring It" but it's not any time soon. Has anyone else jumped on the P90X bandwagon? If so I'd like to hear some stories and feedback on how effective it was for you.

That Body!!!

I got to give it to Gwenyth Paltrow.... That chick is smoking! To be honest with you the blond haired/ blue eyed look really isn't my thing... neither are girls btw.. but she is hot. For a woman who is not so abundant in T&A her body is damn near perfect....her legs are just that. They're not too skinny, and toned to a well size for her. Her proportions work for her. That's hard to peg when working out. She trains with Tracy Anderson, who despite being arrested in the past for not paying bills, has made quite a name for herself in the Fitness community.
She has a few gyms throughout the county with the backing of Gwen and trains on a machine she invented called The Hybrid Body Reformer. Being a girl of fitness for the past almost 20 years what she has "created" doesn't seem to be anything different than Pilates with an edge. All of her moves are very Ballet inspired and the lack of any REAL weight resistance ie: 5 lbs and up, seems to me like those who are short on time won't benefit much from this workout...unless you enjoy doing 50-100 reps. Nevertheless... if you have the time to put it to it go for it.

She's done wonders for Gwen and Madonna, but if I had to chose a body to strive for I would go with fitness beauty Maggie Diubaldo. Her abs may be a bit much but to me she's got the "ideal" figure....for those who are into physical fitness. Her form is a result of weight training. I prefer an athletic build, but I would not be dissatisfied with Gwenyths frame. If Maggie looks familiar to you it's because you've seen her on the cover of many Fitness magazines including several covers of Oxygen. She's also a seven... count it.. 7 time First Place winner in the Fame Fitness Competitions. The girl is gorgeous. Tracy doesn't believe in building bulk or that women should lift more than 3 lbs, but if you want results and don't have a lot of time go for the MaggieD workout. Both women are outstandingly beautiful though. In the end it's all a lot of hard work.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


RANT: I am the only one who is a little confused with how soon The Real Housewives of NJ is already about to debut the season finale??? 6 Episodes does not a Season make. I'm pissed!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Aco Anyone?

Hhhmmm.. Stop. Take a listen. Let it sink in. ..... good isn't it. I'm in love. Aco everybody, everybody Aco.

This Japanese born song bird has been around since about 95 and is pretty popular in her native country. She's put out several albums including Kittenish Love and Absolute Ego, but isn't very well known here in the states. I happened to come across her when checking out DJ Krush's "Tragicomic". She's the little one in the red ridiculous dress laying down the vocals. After hearing her on that and severely digging her contribution to the song I decided to see what else she was capable of. A good move on my part.
Although I can't understand anything she's singing about on her Japanese songs (she's done some songs in English including a cover of "Creep" by Radiohead) her sound is pretty intense. It grabs something in you and makes you listen. Well it did for me. I don't know if it's her voice or the melody in the background played over the beat, but I can not get enough of "Shinsei Romanticist" off of her Material album. Such a good "sex" song. Not what you'd normally think of when challenged to check out Japanese music/JPop. Her early songs are pretty urban with a R&B sound. She even put out an album called Lady Soul in the late 90's, and once upon a time could be seen sporting a Lauren Hill type hair do.

Her music style has changed since and is now more New Age/Electronica but still good all the same. It does take a minute to warm up to, but if you like good music it's worth a shot. I wish she had more exposure here in the states, but for now until I get back to Chinatown my only source for Aco's music is clips from her website and Youtube.

A Mans Man

What happened to American sex appeal??? Since when do we go from George Clooney and Hugh Jackman being the sexiest men alive to, drooling over Zac Efron and Robert Pattison? Ok..ok.. I know.. or at least hope it's not anyone over 23 falling for these guys, but it seems like I'm hearing more about them then Brad Pitt and Leo Dicaprio. I didn't see the world going crazy for Brad Pitt when he was on Growing Pains or Leonardo when he did Basketball Diaries. It seemed when they hit their mid-20's, and their "boy-ish" looks faded that they became obsessive worthy. I didn't even like Pitt in Thelma and Louise, Interview with a Vampire or Legends of the Fall. It wasn't until Fight Club when the body was better and the goatee was there that I started slobbing.
Personally I can't be attracted to any male really if there isn't a shred of facial hair. Zac Efrons face bothers the hell out of me. It's too...fake looking. Not saying he had work done, but it looks like someone made him in a lab. Mannequine-esque. It's so overly Hollywood looking it sickens me. And seriously... what is up with dudes hair...why? I've never seen HSM-nor do I care to.. I'm not 12-, but I will gladly take Shia Labeouf over this guy anyday. They're pretty much the same age, but there's sex appeal in Shia. He's masculine. There it is!! Shia is masculine...point blank. Zero masculinity is emitted from Mr. Efron. Plus he looks like he spends more time grooming himself than the average female..which brings me to Pattison.
I'll be the first to admit that yes.. I too was attracted to his character Edward in Twilight...always wanting to rescue cute. Zac may be overdone, but Pattison can't always pull off that "All I need is a T-shirt, jeans, a run of my fingers through my hair, and I'll be hot." look all the time. There have been occasions where he's looked more like "T-shirt-check, Jeans-Check, Shower/Deodorant...shit I forgot!" ...and yet we still like him?? It's Nasty. He also looks like he has really bad breath to me.. just saying. His advantage over Mr. Efrons tho is the same as Shia's. There's a "macho-ness" about him despite how awkward and unclean he may look at times. Plus there are moments when he lets that 5'oclock shadow grow in!! Yummy! Sorry sweeties... real men have facial hair.
Both guys are pretty cute in their own right-Zac in a more strangely feminine way for me-, and seem to be winning the hearts of tweens everywhere. Do I see them making this years Peoples SMA list... don't think so. At least I hope not. ...PS Am I the only one who thinks the Jonas Brothers are just an updated, dark haired version of Hansen??

<----A Man's Man... so close close

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Caroline

Do you too watch The Real Housewives of NJ? I've watched many of the series and have to say these ladies are my favorite. Not just because I'm from NJ and can relate to them, but for 2 housewives in particular. You got the sweetheart Jacqueline, The Princess Teresa, and the... uh..wacky one.. Danielle... sorry Danielle.. I call it like I see it. Then you got Dina and Caroline. How many of you out there love the Manzo sisters. I "Love Love Love" them! Muah Muah Muah....thank you for that Teresa.

Caroline is the "Mother Hen". She's so damn cute! She's got such great values and morals. It's nice to see that on TV again knowing it wasn't written into a script. If I could choose my mom it would SO be her. Someone would have to make me Italian, but I would gladly go all Michael Jackson for such a supportive, loving, SUPER cooking mother. I know you read my comment to your Bravo blog Caroline. I don't live that far from you. I promise to come over, eat my fill, and take my butt back to Trenton...promise. Open door policy... you said it.

And then there's Dina. When you see Dina she is a little intimidating, (LOL can't get over her saying she would "knock her((Danielle's)) block off!"..too funny) but this woman is who I want to be at her age. She's gorgeous, sophisticated and so chic! The fact that she runs her charity Project Ladybug shows there's more to her then meets the eye. I also love that she put her business on hold to raise her daughter. Dina if you ever need an assistant for you Interior Design business give me a call.. In fact you can find me at your sisters house for dinner!

These women are a very good example of what it means to be strong, supportive and confident. It's great to see them on TV being as real as they are and not sugar coating anything for the cameras. Love you ladies! Keep it real, Keep it Jersey!

Isn't It Obvious??

Anyone who asks me who I'm digging in music right now I tell them Amy Winehouse then and still now. One of the few with real talent (despite the drug use... but then again don't all the greats have some kind drug problem???). However she ain't got nothing on Shanna Crooks!
I've been waiting for Shanna to release a cd since she first Friend Requested me on Myspace almost, if not two years ago. It was love at first listen, tho I can't remember the name of the first song I actually heard by her. She rotates through a lot on her page. I do know it was enough to peak my interest-which is pretty hard to do. The one that I always go back to is "Obvious".

I love this song!!! LOVE IT! So well written and sung beautifully. This girl can blow!, let me tell you. Here's my one gripe however...I prefer her R&B version of the song, but it seems she's gravitating towards a more Pop-Country sound by her revised version. I have to admit I worry about her taking her music to this genre. I understand if she wants to grab the tweens and teens, but we've already got a Britney and Jessica. Why try to put out a sound so currently Jessica Simpson-esque knowing that her music currently is going nowhere???

She also has a song called "Love and Misery"- that I've deemed my theme song- that's so hot I really feel it's got chart topping potential...if left the way it is (not the way it is on her Atlantic Records page. A much better version was on her Myspace). It's got that Christina Aguliera "Fighter" edge with "in your face" lyrics. So up my alley! If you love A7X like I do you've already heard her laying down back up vocals on "Dear God". She's definitely worth checking out. If you too become a super fan you can purchase her latest "Waking Up to Love" on iTunes. Support her people. With the right guidance she's going to be huge..HUGE!

Moving Day

So after months of trying to get me to break my lease early, I've finally moved into my boyfriends apartment. His apartment is smaller than mine but his rent is ridiculously cheap and all utilities are included. We just have to deal with crackheads in the alley and loud Bachata and Merengue from the bar next door. The crackheads are nothing new for me, but the bar and the prostitutes that come with it are. Not your typical hookers however. These girls are hot. Uh..well worth what the men there pay ..I guess.

Ugh... Friday and the rest of this past weekend was all one giant moving day. Now... when I first moved into my apartment I didn't have much so my initial "moving experience" wasn't so bad. Can't say the same for my second time around. It was horrible! I see now why people hire movers. No longer will I deem them lazy asses who can't handle a little lifting. I was on my feet for four days straight between packing up items at my apt, and putting them away at my boyfriends apt. I slept a total of only about 20 hours for those four days, and felt like the walking dead by Monday, but the task is done. We are now a year and two months into dating, and are officially playing house. They say moving in together before marriage isn't the best idea. Apparently the sex dies down and you spend less time together..which I find strange. Why by the cow when you can get the milk for free right?? Well this cow isn't looking to be bought so soon. Wish us luck tho.. I do love this guy.