Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Falling Whistles

Here's a great charity to donate to. I just read about it via Daily Candy. Two minutes after I realize what it was for.... I bought one.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amber Rose

One word...banging. She's my new girl crush. I think a lot of people hate on her because she is who she is (sounds a lil familiar...see previous post) and that's it. So she's Bi...so what. So she's bald....so what. The bitch is hot. People are saying Kanye could've done better... I think she could.

Banging!.. skanky pictures and all. Stop Hating!

Friday, July 17, 2009

...You're Not Even Looking At Her Poker Face.

...I love Lady Gaga.

Stupid name from a strange song, wacky ass clothes, simple lyrics and all. Girl can put together a catchy song. "Just Dance" is def better than "Poker Face", but I love them both....no comment about "Love Game". It's not her songs tho that get me excited about this girl. It's her unique rawness that I love. She puts it all out there and makes no apologies. Has anyone else noticed that she's the closet thing this generation has seen to Madonna in her early years. Risque` attire with lyrics to match. Not caring what anyone else thinks and doing what feels right to her. She's got Mrs. Ciccone written all over her. She's may be a victim of an extremely bad stylist, but you gotta give her an A for effort. No one else is doing it like her.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kanye Wests' "Heartless" As Done By The Fray

Fabulous cover. One of the best I've heard in a long time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Struggle

I'm a girl... with a little extra in the hip, thigh, and butt area. When I buy pants...jeans particularly I try to make sure they have some stretch so they fit comfortably. If you're one of my few friends on Facebook you all know about my "Impulse Buy" of a pair of Kasil brand jeans on Revolve that were marked down from $213.00 to $86.00. How could you not jump at that bargain???

Well..let me just say these jeans are getting mailed back today. I have a 29 inch waist. When I buy designer jeans which are normally Seven's or Citizens.. I get a 29..sometimes a 30. They fit like a glove and give a little where they need to. Not these bitches. I bought them in a 29 because they're made with 2% elastane. They're trouser cut too which normally almost always fit perfectly. Let me tell you...I strained the damn tendon in my wrist to the point where my thumb curled up on me and I couldn't straighted it back out on my own trying to get these over my ass! My boyfriend had to make a splint for me to keep me from using it or it curling up again. Not only that.. He had to help me take them off afterwards. I thought it was embarrassing .. he loved it.

Finding a great fitting pair of jeans is always a struggle for most women. Too many different body types to cater to. Although these are very nice jeans they really aren't worth me losing the use of my thumb or any limb over. That would be a bit much. The things I go through for great clothing. Ridiculous.

Strike A Pose!

....so.. I hear Vogue Magazine's going through some tough times lately. Who isn't really tho? It's the times. This Mega Fashion magazine that's #1 on most Fashion enthusiast list falls short to #2 for me. When I was growing up I'd hear all about Vogue magazine and the infamous Anna Wintour (LOVE her!..She's my idol) When I thought of Fashion, models, designers, etc.. I thought Vogue. STRIKE A POSE! They're Fall issue from 1993 or 94 with John Galliano's tile inspired dress and matching hat solidified my decision to be a Fashion Designer. It is a Fashionista's bible.
Then I subscribed to Harper's Bazaar.The first issue I ever got just 3 short months ago reeled me in like a fish who did not want to give up the worm. SJP was on the cover running on a bridge, looking very Carrie Bradshaw like against a simplified dusty blue background. I was hooked. Read that magazine cover to cover.. I mean EVERYTHING. I rarely do that with any magazine I own.

What I like about Bazaar is that they don't crowd you with a bunch of articles I could care less reading about. I know it's great to know what's going on in Fashion when you're in the business of Fashion. I get this, but when I just want to look at who put of what this season and next... just give me that. I don't mind a little side note about what's now trendy, and what inspired so and so designer to create such a collection. But please...PLEASE don't expect me to read a page and a half of it. Show me what they did don't tell me.

Also, like many magazine are trying to do now.. they're touching important issues for women like breast cancer and domestic violence and what not.. which is fine. However the same applies. If I want to read about breakthroughs on Women issues I go to Marie Claire... another one of my favorites. Please ..not so much in my Fashion magazine. Bazaar gets it just right! Everything I could ask for in a Fashion mag.

So..although I swear by my Fall and Spring issues of Vogue, month to month I'm a Haper's girl. It's not a diss... just a preference.

Friday, July 10, 2009

RANT: Why This Wash?

Why would anyone in their right mind seriously bring back the Acid Wash jean???

Acid, Snow, White whatever wash you call it, it all equals ugly.

I know the 80's have been prominent in Fashion for the past 2-3 years and I'm a fan. I really am. But there is a difference between rocking leggins under a denim skirt like Madonna in her Lucky Star days, and roaming around in bleach splattered jeans like you're fresh outta the trailer park. Remember Helen Shaver playing Fairuza Balks mother in

The Craft ........EXACTLY!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Someome please tell Ron Artest to stop... this is the biggest bunch of garbage I've heard in a long time. I'm embarassed for Michael that this song is dedicated to him...

Sports Videos, News, Blogs

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BING!!!!!! .com

Who needs Google!! ...No lie. I still use it. It's been my life saver many times, but Bing.com has become my homepage on my personal computer. Is it better than Google?? I can't say just yet. I haven't fully embraced the "Bing" experience, but I love the 'Surprise' background images they throw at you day to day.
As a lover of all things Art I'm always fascinated with how beautiful the backgrounds are. The colors are so rich and the content is always something that's serene and naturally beautiful. Not only that, but they add fun facts pertaining to the image that day attached with links in case you want to know more. And if you severely like what you're seeing you can install Microsoft Silverlight to see the archive of images of days past. This too I have not yet hopped on but I am so tempted. Obviously you can see why I love Bing so much. I was love at first sight. Not to mention the commercials are pretty darn funny

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...Well That's Just Not Right

Tell me what's wrong with this picture .....
...If her name wasn't on this advertisement would you even recognize that that's Britney??? What the hell is wrong with her face?? It's all kinds of messed up. She's posing for Candies...which is pretty sad for her but she looks downright pissed....and fake. Almost like her face was pasted on the body. What look was she going for, the "Tired Ass School Teacher Here To Seduce You"?? Proud of her for turning her career around but this is just bad. BAD Brit Brit BAD!

Who Likes Techno Trance!

Not Me! Can't seem to quite wrap my brain around it. What I have been diggin lately are these dance DJ's from overseas. I decided one day about 3 months ago, tired of the same crap on the radios here, to go on a French music search on Internet radio for Windows Media player. What I found was HotMix Radio based out of France, but SURPRISE!! only plays dance music...in English! Threw me for a loop a bit but I stuck with it. One day a catchy hook and quirky sound effects caught my attention (wicket wicket wicket wicket!). At that moment God gave me French House DJ and producer Martin Solveig. His "One 2.3 Four" gave me a whole new outlook on dance. LOVE this song.

Now grant it, not all his songs are as banging as this one, but it did help open my eyes to many other House DJ's. Armin Van Buuren, -"In And Out Of Love" Ft Sharon Adel is the shit.- Freemasons, Michael Mind, and others. I shocked myself with how welcoming I was to this music after about two weeks. Ocean Drive ft DJ Oriska "Some People" is definitely one of my favorites. It's worth checking out. You may like.. you may not. I'm a fan.

Monday, July 6, 2009

USB Ports...They Ain't Just Whistling Dixie.

One of the greatest inventions ever has come to pass. Look Below....

YES!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! (Swings fist in the air like Smeagol) It's exactly what it looks like. They are AA batteries you plug into your USB port to charge!!! Over and over and OVER AND OVER.. well I'm not really sure how long they last, but from what I read it's definitely not forever. I came across these advertised in Lucky Magazine a couple months ago. Brilliant idea I thought... so I bought them..and I love them. They charge pretty quickly and for me last longer in my digi cam then any lithium battery...Plus my camera's just acting funny, and sucks the life outta any battery I put in it period.

All and all these things are "Freggin Awesome!" They're about 18.00 bucks for two, and when I bought them the shipping was free. One of my best "impulse" buys yet.


Friday, July 3, 2009


Can't get enough of this song lately. LOVE IT! Def Leppard's Photograph

....don't judge me. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Love Twenty-One

I am loving Forever21's new, more sophisticated line Love21. I have always been a fan of the trendy clothing label since its debut however many years ago. At that time I was a lot younger and my fashion sense wasn't as honed as it is now, but the clothes suited my style. I loved their blouses and their dress pants fit like a glove. Times have changed..along with my weight. I'm pushing 30 now and no longer care -not that I ever did- to walk around in extra colorful tees or shirt with sayings like "Your Boyfriend's My Bitch" written across the chest. I also went from a small to a medium, and those great fitting pants..are now a lil snug. So I backed off from the line for a while and started looking elsewhere for clothes that suited my adult style.
While perusing their website recently (to add to my ever growing Savvy Circle Shopping List) I spotted the cutest, yet not blatantly adolescent tops. Despite the copyright infringement lawsuit they recently went through with high end label Travato -for those who too follow Fashion- my love for Forever21 sprang to new life!
Love 21 is exactly what I was looking for. The prices remain pretty cheap ranging from $15-$30.00, but the cut and fit are better suited for those of us evolving from late teens/early 20's fashion. In my wishlist is this great plaid button-up. I've been a sucker lately for these 3/4 inch sleeve tunics purchasing three in the last three weeks; however at $17.80 I don't think it's really going to put THAT much of a dent in my recession wallet.
Not cool copying others designs/selling cheap knock offs, but good job on reaching out to a more mature market. We're all going to buy what we can afford anyway.


.......would I go a lil nuts and kill myself over the death of a celebrity that I never met....no. Would I go nuts and kill myself over anyone that I have met.....no

I love you Mike.. but never in a million years.