Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1969 My Ass!

So Gap just launched they're 1969 Premium Denim Jeans a few days ago. I who used to be a huge fan of Gap jeans am a little weary about purchasing any of these. If you've followed my story you know I put on a lil extra in the lower area. Since then.. Gap jeans just don't fit like they used to. Patrick Robinson however has sworn to us all that these will be some of the best fitting jeans we'll ever purchase. I'm finding it hard to believe... BUT..I'm going to brave it and give the "Curvy" jeans a shot.

They look great.. but we all know about appearances. I got WAY more thigh than this girl! However, I will try them on and keep you posted. If they do fit like a glove hopefully I'll still have time to snatch them up while they're $20.00 off. Pray for me.

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