Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh Ombre!

..well I guess they're not REALLY ombre more than they're just two-toned.  WHATEVER! I don't really where public...too much...unless they were made my me.....but these!!

I may just have to slip into these babies this summer. Mossimo Supply Co. Junior Dip Dye Denim short obviously from Target.  I really really like these.  Even when I saw them in the ad I wanted to go grab them that day forgetting the sale starts Sunday... not the day I get the sale ad.  They're $19.99 regularly but if I'm quick enough..I'm gonna grab them for $15.00.   So cute!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am loving this Made My Day maxi dress from Free People.

Not only is it a double whammy with the slit and elongated arm holes, but I love that it has pockets! It's effortlessly cool and sexy from the back. 

I'm actually diggin' a couple of the maxi dresses FP has happening.  The one above is only $88.00 but this beauty below...

$198.00  It is gorgeous though!  This is the Meadows of Lace Slip. Worn modestly it looks like..

Talk about a "Day to Night" piece.  Gorgeous.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super Shit.....

I had FINALLY found a pink polish that didn't make my fingers look like an 80's hand model reject...

Sinful Colors Bikini Line!

The annual Summer Solstice party was this Saturday past..

and I really wanted to wear some color.  I got this great color-block dress and decided to do my nails in the Bikini Line pink. manicure was holding up strong until I added this a two days later...

Okay..I know what you're thinking..."It's a top coat...what could go wrong??"...This

 I have been using Sally Hansen's Super Shine for years, and just now realized it's caused my chipping.  Why now??  Because I now wait a whole day to add my topcoat so I'm certain the polish is dry.  Now to be fair, I'm not sure if the waiting has anything to do with it or not as my nails often chip, however not a single chip the two days prior to adding the topcoat. Sinful Colors did its "thang" for a $1.99.  Not a flawed nail in sight... and let me tell you people...

..this isn't cool when you're kneading dough... one wants THIS surprise in their buttermilk biscuits.

Monday, June 24, 2013

...And It's Back to the Drawing Board

So I had a child about 11 weeks ago now.

...isn't she precious.

And we know that lovely baby weight that we embraced while pregnant is not looking so cute now that the egg has hatched.

I went from this

(pay no attention to my boyfriends mess in the background...we'll just say it was "laundry day") least I have boobs now.  I must say.. I kinda dig having all these hips.  To be completely honest however this isn't the worst.  I was pretty rough looking right out of the hospital.  All the drugs they gave me to have my C-Section did not do my body good..nor did the C-Section itself.  The image above is a vast improvement from the original me post op.
I went from 137 to 195 and am now at 163. I dropped the first 25 easily without any effort really (Hooray for breastfeeding!) In the past I have been this weight before but still in better shape than I am now.  So you know what that means!!!  Oh yes.  It's time to make dates with Retro Fitness, Tony Horton, Pauline Nordin and all the free workout videos I can find on Youtube!!  The physical aspect of getting in shape is never the problem for's the nutrition that gets me. This girl likes to eat! But I am determined and ready to go in an all out effort to get back to this...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rant!! Swiffer Wet Mess!

..and it looks like this..

Yes yes..very classy I know.    The culprits of this mess....

(...but the hubby won't let me get rid of them..well his.. Loki -the tan one- I'm free to toss whenever I feel. ) AND...

the Swiffer Wet Jet.

Okay... I know you're suppose to sweep pretty thoroughly before you use this thing, but no one told me how meticulous you would need to be if 
1.  You have tile flooring
2.  You have dogs  

I was so excited to get this, but found it to be a bit of a pain in the ass after the first use.  You really can only use it in 1 room and the room shouldn't be too big because than you're pretty much just pushing a dirty pad across your floors. (Hello upstairs bathroom only!)  I've even gone over the floor with a wet cloth and found the cloth to be pretty filthy after.  Not only does it cake up any dog hair or dirt I may have missed with the broom, it also has a tendency of leaving the grouted area of the tile looking like so...

I feel like we wasted our money on this a bit. It is good for a quick clean up but for the downstairs of my home it's back to the old mop and bucket for me.

Photo from

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Connecting The Dots

...and they tell me that my post baby thighs are currently a little too large to be wearing these...

These Polka Dot Skinny Jeans from are exactly what I want for summer!  Grant it they're black and I'm trying to get away from all that but they're too damn cute. $32.90 People!

Now I just gotta ditch the baby weight!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bobble-Dee, Bobble-Dee Bop

                                                        ...Here is my new Bobble Bottle

.... and here are some temporary tattoos 

What happens when they get together?

Simple..very simple that I don't even need to explain how I did it.  I did however seal it with clear polish in the hopes that the design will last longer.
 Question is ..why hasn't Bobble started selling decked out bottles anyway??

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cheap Tricks

                    I love decorating however...I'm pretty cheap.  So when it came to adding wall art to "Beans" nursery I looked around at what I already had and came up with these.

Now..I'm new to blogging about projects and crafts that I do so please forgive me for not offering a Step-by-Step on how I created these.

They simply consist of two gift bags I received- one with the baby animals and the other being a simple pale pink- some wrapping paper, certificate frames from the Dollar Tree, scissors, and a glue gun.  

The animal portion of the first gift bag originally looked like this..
I cut around the squares to where they all looked the same.  The only measuring I did was when it was time to add the wrapping paper and plain pink gift bag as backing.

The finished product looks like so..

I even used the string handles of the bags making them into bows and gluing them to the corners of the frames.  This was one of the best things I've done for her nursery because she absolutely loves these pictures.  They're placed right above her changing table and she's constantly cooing and smiling at them.  We call it her "talking to her friends".  And all it cost me to make one was about $1.10.  A dollar for each of the frames and $2.99 for the wrapping paper I picked up at Marshalls.

A win!