Monday, August 17, 2009

Damn!! You Sharp!!

I'm obsessed with anything Cognac in color. If it's a faux leather and it's Cognac I gotta have it. It's my obsession with the 70's. I was born in the wrong decade. So.. you can imagine how much I was jumping outta my seat when I stumbled across these....

This is the Sharrp by Steve Madden. It's so FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Here's my gripe.... Because I'm cheap and have decided to pay off my credit cards AND go back to school.. I am just not willing to pay $79.95 for them. I know it's not that much, but I ain't got the cash right now. Problem #2...I can only find these shoes at Steve they have not gone on sale yet and stand at $79.95. Understand.. I need these shoes. They would complete so many outfits I could pull outta my hat, but right now all I can do is look and admire. One day day.

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