Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We're all aware that the best fat burners on the market come in forms of thermogenics...yes.  However,  some of us don't particularly enjoy the jitters and rapid heart beat that comes with it.   Thank goodness for GNC and their new product Safely Slim. It comes in the form of chocolate or vanilla shakes, is loaded with 20 grams of (though it doesn't state what kind), is only 110 calories per serving, and the kicker... It claims to target fat 4:1 over muscle.

Hhhmmmm.  I really do want this to be true.  You get the protein, plus the fat loss in one without all the creepy side effects.  Almost sounds too good to be true.|Safely+Slim&camp=PPC:463943797&002=2269848&004=1688695724&005=16572777464&006=4505428244&007=Search&008=

Friday, March 26, 2010

You Smell Purteh.

Have you guys too lavished in the greatness that is Sephora's Dry Body Oil?? Ok.. Maybe that was a bit of an overstatement, but this stuff does have "Wow" factor. I give Sephora a lot of credit for being a retailer of some of the best cosmetics out there to try and dip their hand it the pot themselves. Why not..right??
I see the website says the oils are "deeply moisturizing" and tho they're nice, they're not exactly Aveeno. The real shabang is the scent! They smell so good and it lingers on you for quite some time. I own the Apple Pomegranate and I'll admit the first time I put it on I was hooked. Excellent. Of course it won't cure your eczema if it even does the trick for your winter skin but this is a perfect summer moisturizer. It's not greasy, it's spritzes a light mist, and smells incredible. Plus at $8- 10 bucks a pop it's a steal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Little Sass Fo' Yo' A**

It's a pair of legs.... Yes I know, but keep scrolling down. Further...further.. Why yes her calves are shapely.. a lil further. 

HEY NOW!!!  Pretty hot shoes huh! These beauties are brought to us from designer Michael Antonio.  He calls them his "Snake Shoes", and I believe them to be ssssssseriousssssly sssswweet!.  How corny is that! 
I love the sporty twist of the wide straps and the chicness of the buckles.  They maybe a little to high for me but DAMN! if they ain't sexy!

 $47.90 at   You know you want them!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Them Bones.

I have been in love with this Pamela Love crow skull necklace for the past 6 months...and apparently so has everyone else since the price jumped up $75.00, and it's out of stock AGAIN at
Even when the necklace was $500.00 I still couldn't afford it obviously or I'd have it now. You can not tell me it isn't beautiful in a Edgar Alan Poe sort of way. Call me a Fashionista with a flair for the macabre but it's Freakin Awesome!. Lets just hope that this time when I wait 6 months for the price to drop it doesn't do the reverse again and jump up to $625.00.