Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bible

I bought the September issue of Vogue a few days ago and I gotta tell you, a little disappointing. I got through the first 200 pages of advertisement in the first 7 minutes. This may not sound like anything to you, but I usually study the hell out of those ad pages. The cut of the clothing, the fabrics were used, how well they go together, and the composition of the shot. This was cut short for me by ads for Express and BabyPhat. Babyphat!!!! in my September issue of Vogue.. my bible!I understand times are hard but this messed me up. And yes they still had top designers in there like Prada and Fendi, but it was a few pages from if not right next to the ad for Payless!!! Seriously! Ok.. I can understand Express. They're clothes are pretty decent quality and classy at times... but Baby Phat?? Ghetto Fabulousness. Really? In Vogue magazine?

Despite it being only 584 pages long that was my only real issue with it. I actually read more of it than I normally do...which isn't saying much being the only issues of Vogue I buy are the Fall and Spring Fashion issues.

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