Monday, August 31, 2009

Au De Texan Girl

With base notes of woodsy elements, amber and patchouli and middle notes of florals like frangipani and peony it's no surprise that I'm digging Jessica Simpon's new perfume Fancy Love.

I never thought I'd hear myself saying I was digging something Jessica Simpson put out ( her shoes aren't the greatest things in the world. Every now and then she gets it right with the footwear) but this scent is nice. It's not too overpowering and it's seems like it will not only get your mothers approval but your grandmothers as well as you most certainly won't be called a harlot wearing this scent. Well done Jessica.
On another note... is it just me or does the new Queen Latifa perfume Queen smell very similar to a scent Givenchy launched several years ago? Every time I smell it I keep thinking Organza...Organza.. ???

Friday, August 28, 2009


Once again Project Runway disappoints. The creative person gets kicked off and the weakest performer stays after being in the final 2 spot....TWICE. I don't quite get it guys. Sorry to see you go Malvin. I thought Fashion was about being creative and having a vision?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bible

I bought the September issue of Vogue a few days ago and I gotta tell you, a little disappointing. I got through the first 200 pages of advertisement in the first 7 minutes. This may not sound like anything to you, but I usually study the hell out of those ad pages. The cut of the clothing, the fabrics were used, how well they go together, and the composition of the shot. This was cut short for me by ads for Express and BabyPhat. Babyphat!!!! in my September issue of Vogue.. my bible!I understand times are hard but this messed me up. And yes they still had top designers in there like Prada and Fendi, but it was a few pages from if not right next to the ad for Payless!!! Seriously! Ok.. I can understand Express. They're clothes are pretty decent quality and classy at times... but Baby Phat?? Ghetto Fabulousness. Really? In Vogue magazine?

Despite it being only 584 pages long that was my only real issue with it. I actually read more of it than I normally do...which isn't saying much being the only issues of Vogue I buy are the Fall and Spring Fashion issues.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shoe For Thought.

.......remember Jimmy Choo? His shoes were so great they should have called him Jimmy "Shoe". What ever happened to him?? OH! I know!

Manolo Blahnik.

SJP and Sex and The City helped launch the career of this shoe god. Then his name too left our lips like slow drying gloss. Who took his place??

Christian Louboutin.

Who assisted in giving us the covered platform and such grandeur elegance. I'm still praising him for it today. It leaves me wondering though who's next after him.

We all know good things must come to an end, and even tho all these designers are still doing their thing, we don't hear too much about the previous two anymore.

Such is Fashion. So who's next?
Could it be Guiseppe Zanotti with his
take on edgy sexiness?,

or Mui Mui and their sheer uniqueness?
..a bit much for me.

Personally I love L.A.M.B shoes. I think they nail the Rocker-Chic look. My fav. Who ever is next I'm sure will stir our senses just like their predecessors.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What You Talking Bout Frenchy!!

It's R&B, It's in French, and It's sung by Algerian woman.

Kenza Farah: Peuple Du Monde Entier (People Around The World)

Sharyfa Luna: Je Reviendrai (I Will)

I may not know what they're saying, but I do know what's hot is hot. These girls need more exposure!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome Back

Aaaahhhh. The return of Project Runway. I've waited 5 months for this. The Fashion Show just didn't measure up. Kelly Rowland instead of Heidi Klume??? What's that? Anyway...I was so excited I actually got to watch it at home uninterrupted last night, and already have gripes.
I'm glad a good amount of this cast is either in their 30's or older because it's always inspiring to see those individuals still climbing to break into the business. A sort of "Never Give Up" attitude.

What didn't sit well with me last night was Johnny Sakalis.
I'm sorry .. is it Project Runway or Project Rehab? Don't get me wrong.. Kudos to him for getting off of Meth but please don't make the show about your addiction. If I hear that word more than three more times this season I'm gonna flip. That's #1. #2. was the fact that they kept Mitchell Hall???

What the hell?? He sent out a naked model. I thought Ari Fish was unique and had extreme potential. I was way more interested in seeing what she would've came up with in later challenges than Mitchell. I little bit of a let down but what are you gonna do. I'm just thrilled the show is back on. I love Michael and Nina, and was surprised with how informative Lindsay Lohan was as a judge last night. She impressed me. Welcome Back PR!....Carry On!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Follow Up!

Heh Heh Heh!!! I just re-scanned all my channels differently... and found Lifetime!! SWEET..I won't have to ask to change the channel at the local bar after all!

RANT: Just Pissed!

So.... I've had my calendar marked for about 3 months now to remind myself that the premier of Project Runway is tonight on Lifetime at 10pm. Monday this week I'm all excited because it's getting close to that time. How about two days before the premier of my favorite show


Why don't I just watch it at home you ask??? Because some how my boyfriend has free basic cable and I don't blame him for not paying for it when he has it for free. However now I gotta either bug the shit outta my parents to hurry up and hook up, then call the cable company to activate theirs OR..find some other place to be at a 10pm to watch the show. Ridiculous I swear.............

I'm gonna cry.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1969 My Ass!

So Gap just launched they're 1969 Premium Denim Jeans a few days ago. I who used to be a huge fan of Gap jeans am a little weary about purchasing any of these. If you've followed my story you know I put on a lil extra in the lower area. Since then.. Gap jeans just don't fit like they used to. Patrick Robinson however has sworn to us all that these will be some of the best fitting jeans we'll ever purchase. I'm finding it hard to believe... BUT..I'm going to brave it and give the "Curvy" jeans a shot.

They look great.. but we all know about appearances. I got WAY more thigh than this girl! However, I will try them on and keep you posted. If they do fit like a glove hopefully I'll still have time to snatch them up while they're $20.00 off. Pray for me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Damn!! You Sharp!!

I'm obsessed with anything Cognac in color. If it's a faux leather and it's Cognac I gotta have it. It's my obsession with the 70's. I was born in the wrong decade. So.. you can imagine how much I was jumping outta my seat when I stumbled across these....

This is the Sharrp by Steve Madden. It's so FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Here's my gripe.... Because I'm cheap and have decided to pay off my credit cards AND go back to school.. I am just not willing to pay $79.95 for them. I know it's not that much, but I ain't got the cash right now. Problem #2...I can only find these shoes at Steve they have not gone on sale yet and stand at $79.95. Understand.. I need these shoes. They would complete so many outfits I could pull outta my hat, but right now all I can do is look and admire. One day day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Fixer

.... every time I hear this song I go"..Oh.. is this the new Kings Of who is this???...Oh yeah.. It's Pearl Jam."

It's just not like them at all. I understand if they want to expand their sound and try new things, but it doesn't always work out so great. Remember Chris Cornell's "Part Of Me"?? I like that song but always forgot who it was. Throws me off so much.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Have you heard of Jennifer Nicole Lee?

Have you seen JNL?

Before and After.. it's amazing I know.
I love Jennifer Nicole Lee. Love her... but lately... I just can't help but find her extremely annoying. It all started when flipping through the channels one day I stopped on HSN because I saw they were selling some new fitness machine -Ab Circle Pro-that struck me as a little strange. Stunned and a little excited I shout to Patrick "Hey!! That's Jennifer Nicole Lee!! I love this woman!!" The love subsided once she opened her mouth....

Now I know they're suppose to seem enthusiastic about the merchandise they're promoting but she just annoyed the hell out of me. I've seen her on YouTube and read about her in a couple issues of Oxygen magazine. She seemed so down to earth and sincere. Sweet, motherly, know. Awesome. On HSN she was just loud and a little obnoxious making these strange noises while gyrating awkwardly on that machine. I couldn't tolerate anymore nor could Patrick. We had to turn the channel.

Days past as well as a little bit of my confusion about her. I watched some of her videos on, and read a few more of her articles figuring she can't be all that bad. One night...came across her on HSN again...the same feeling. Had to turn the channel. Now I'm watching her on YouTube now and can't help but feel the same. AAAAHHH that's what it is! She's on here promoting the machine again. So.. it's only when she's talking about the Ab Circle Pro that she becomes the JNL I can't stand. I see.

She's a beautiful women and I admire her for going from chubby mommy with kids to banging fitness model who worked her ass off..or to pure perfection. Will I ever want to watch her promote something where they ask her to be excited about it It's like watching two different people. I still respect her and love her tho. Love you Jen.. Muah Muah Muah!!

Food For Thought...

Food: Starkist Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon


....Salmon in a pouch.. I should've known better.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Need Supply

When something's's just good. Point blank. As an avid online shopper it's not always easy to find clothing that's affordable but also good quality. I love ASOS and Forever21. You'll also find me searching the sales and clearance sections of Nordstrom, Dillards, and Victoria's Secret. I'm cheap.. and don't like to pay a lot for clothes unless they're made by me. So .. how excited was I when I was turned on to Need Supply Co. THIS MUCH!! I-----------------------------------I...that's a lot in typing sense.

They carry well known designers like Acne Jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs, as well as off the radar ones like Naked and Famous, and Warriors of Radness<-----great name. Most of the prices are well under $200 which is a steal for what you get and the clothes aren't trendy, but some of them will make an impact if you like to be different. I wish, wish, WISH and pray the were a registered website of My wishlist would be loaded. Seriously... look at this It's so cute!
Greatest 80's Cartoon EVER!!