Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Paler Pink

You see this blouse here....

..It's only $13.80 from Forever21...and I'm about to be all over it!!!

I'm not necessarily a fan of pink but I really like the subtleness of this color. I mean you can't beat the price but kudos for versatility as well.  This is a future addition.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Def Leopard

I don't normally post about handbags because I don't particularly fall hard for any....until now.

I really want THIS bag.  It is Kate Spades "2 Park Avenue Beau Bag" and it is beautiful!  

Now I was seriously considering purchasing this bag being most of the bags on her site run about $500.  Not really in my price range...but do-able.  This bag..which was the last listed on the page is for me a staggering $998.00 or simply $1000.00.  That, I being a new mother who lives pay check to pay check, can not do.  
If I'm lucky it will be on sale soon enough and I can pick it up as a Christmas gift to myself....maybe?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Floral Camo

OMG!!...again.. but happily this time.  You can not tell me these "The Skinny in English Garden" jeans from 7 For All Mankind are not awesome!

How friggin' nifty are these!!  Grant it..from the back your ass looks like a military inspired Monet...

 hence Floral Camo.. but you gotta give it to them.  They are different.

...I want them

Currently $123.00 @

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Photo Bomb!

OMG! I am seriously disliking Shutterfly right now!

I got a coupon from Target for a free 8x8 book and was thrilled.  Yay...something to do with all my favorite "Bean" pictures!

Wrong!  I am having the hardest time just keeping the damn thing on track.  I remove pictures to replace with others from a frame just to have difficulty getting the new picture in the frame. Instead of going into the same spot it wants to only set in the whole page messing up the layout!  Leaving me having to start the whole thing over again, removing all the pictures and refreshing the layout. Pretty sure I'm doing something wrong here.

But then the damn site keeps crashing.  Or at least Shockwave does.  It must have crashed on me about 7 times so far with the last time being only 5 minutes ago leading me to write this post.  I just want a damn baby book man... really.  I'm gonna stick with Snapfish from now on.  The pictures may take 5 minutes to upload but at least it doesn't take 5 years to get through a project!