Friday, July 17, 2009

...You're Not Even Looking At Her Poker Face.

...I love Lady Gaga.

Stupid name from a strange song, wacky ass clothes, simple lyrics and all. Girl can put together a catchy song. "Just Dance" is def better than "Poker Face", but I love them comment about "Love Game". It's not her songs tho that get me excited about this girl. It's her unique rawness that I love. She puts it all out there and makes no apologies. Has anyone else noticed that she's the closet thing this generation has seen to Madonna in her early years. Risque` attire with lyrics to match. Not caring what anyone else thinks and doing what feels right to her. She's got Mrs. Ciccone written all over her. She's may be a victim of an extremely bad stylist, but you gotta give her an A for effort. No one else is doing it like her.

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