Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who Likes Techno Trance!

Not Me! Can't seem to quite wrap my brain around it. What I have been diggin lately are these dance DJ's from overseas. I decided one day about 3 months ago, tired of the same crap on the radios here, to go on a French music search on Internet radio for Windows Media player. What I found was HotMix Radio based out of France, but SURPRISE!! only plays dance music...in English! Threw me for a loop a bit but I stuck with it. One day a catchy hook and quirky sound effects caught my attention (wicket wicket wicket wicket!). At that moment God gave me French House DJ and producer Martin Solveig. His "One 2.3 Four" gave me a whole new outlook on dance. LOVE this song.

Now grant it, not all his songs are as banging as this one, but it did help open my eyes to many other House DJ's. Armin Van Buuren, -"In And Out Of Love" Ft Sharon Adel is the shit.- Freemasons, Michael Mind, and others. I shocked myself with how welcoming I was to this music after about two weeks. Ocean Drive ft DJ Oriska "Some People" is definitely one of my favorites. It's worth checking out. You may like.. you may not. I'm a fan.

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