Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BING!!!!!! .com

Who needs Google!! ...No lie. I still use it. It's been my life saver many times, but has become my homepage on my personal computer. Is it better than Google?? I can't say just yet. I haven't fully embraced the "Bing" experience, but I love the 'Surprise' background images they throw at you day to day.
As a lover of all things Art I'm always fascinated with how beautiful the backgrounds are. The colors are so rich and the content is always something that's serene and naturally beautiful. Not only that, but they add fun facts pertaining to the image that day attached with links in case you want to know more. And if you severely like what you're seeing you can install Microsoft Silverlight to see the archive of images of days past. This too I have not yet hopped on but I am so tempted. Obviously you can see why I love Bing so much. I was love at first sight. Not to mention the commercials are pretty darn funny

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