Monday, July 13, 2009

The Struggle

I'm a girl... with a little extra in the hip, thigh, and butt area. When I buy pants...jeans particularly I try to make sure they have some stretch so they fit comfortably. If you're one of my few friends on Facebook you all know about my "Impulse Buy" of a pair of Kasil brand jeans on Revolve that were marked down from $213.00 to $86.00. How could you not jump at that bargain???

Well..let me just say these jeans are getting mailed back today. I have a 29 inch waist. When I buy designer jeans which are normally Seven's or Citizens.. I get a 29..sometimes a 30. They fit like a glove and give a little where they need to. Not these bitches. I bought them in a 29 because they're made with 2% elastane. They're trouser cut too which normally almost always fit perfectly. Let me tell you...I strained the damn tendon in my wrist to the point where my thumb curled up on me and I couldn't straighted it back out on my own trying to get these over my ass! My boyfriend had to make a splint for me to keep me from using it or it curling up again. Not only that.. He had to help me take them off afterwards. I thought it was embarrassing .. he loved it.

Finding a great fitting pair of jeans is always a struggle for most women. Too many different body types to cater to. Although these are very nice jeans they really aren't worth me losing the use of my thumb or any limb over. That would be a bit much. The things I go through for great clothing. Ridiculous.

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