Monday, July 13, 2009

Strike A Pose! I hear Vogue Magazine's going through some tough times lately. Who isn't really tho? It's the times. This Mega Fashion magazine that's #1 on most Fashion enthusiast list falls short to #2 for me. When I was growing up I'd hear all about Vogue magazine and the infamous Anna Wintour (LOVE her!..She's my idol) When I thought of Fashion, models, designers, etc.. I thought Vogue. STRIKE A POSE! They're Fall issue from 1993 or 94 with John Galliano's tile inspired dress and matching hat solidified my decision to be a Fashion Designer. It is a Fashionista's bible.
Then I subscribed to Harper's Bazaar.The first issue I ever got just 3 short months ago reeled me in like a fish who did not want to give up the worm. SJP was on the cover running on a bridge, looking very Carrie Bradshaw like against a simplified dusty blue background. I was hooked. Read that magazine cover to cover.. I mean EVERYTHING. I rarely do that with any magazine I own.

What I like about Bazaar is that they don't crowd you with a bunch of articles I could care less reading about. I know it's great to know what's going on in Fashion when you're in the business of Fashion. I get this, but when I just want to look at who put of what this season and next... just give me that. I don't mind a little side note about what's now trendy, and what inspired so and so designer to create such a collection. But please...PLEASE don't expect me to read a page and a half of it. Show me what they did don't tell me.

Also, like many magazine are trying to do now.. they're touching important issues for women like breast cancer and domestic violence and what not.. which is fine. However the same applies. If I want to read about breakthroughs on Women issues I go to Marie Claire... another one of my favorites. Please ..not so much in my Fashion magazine. Bazaar gets it just right! Everything I could ask for in a Fashion mag.

So..although I swear by my Fall and Spring issues of Vogue, month to month I'm a Haper's girl. It's not a diss... just a preference.

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