Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Love Twenty-One

I am loving Forever21's new, more sophisticated line Love21. I have always been a fan of the trendy clothing label since its debut however many years ago. At that time I was a lot younger and my fashion sense wasn't as honed as it is now, but the clothes suited my style. I loved their blouses and their dress pants fit like a glove. Times have changed..along with my weight. I'm pushing 30 now and no longer care -not that I ever did- to walk around in extra colorful tees or shirt with sayings like "Your Boyfriend's My Bitch" written across the chest. I also went from a small to a medium, and those great fitting pants..are now a lil snug. So I backed off from the line for a while and started looking elsewhere for clothes that suited my adult style.
While perusing their website recently (to add to my ever growing Savvy Circle Shopping List) I spotted the cutest, yet not blatantly adolescent tops. Despite the copyright infringement lawsuit they recently went through with high end label Travato -for those who too follow Fashion- my love for Forever21 sprang to new life!
Love 21 is exactly what I was looking for. The prices remain pretty cheap ranging from $15-$30.00, but the cut and fit are better suited for those of us evolving from late teens/early 20's fashion. In my wishlist is this great plaid button-up. I've been a sucker lately for these 3/4 inch sleeve tunics purchasing three in the last three weeks; however at $17.80 I don't think it's really going to put THAT much of a dent in my recession wallet.
Not cool copying others designs/selling cheap knock offs, but good job on reaching out to a more mature market. We're all going to buy what we can afford anyway.

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