Monday, July 6, 2009

USB Ports...They Ain't Just Whistling Dixie.

One of the greatest inventions ever has come to pass. Look Below....

YES!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! (Swings fist in the air like Smeagol) It's exactly what it looks like. They are AA batteries you plug into your USB port to charge!!! Over and over and OVER AND OVER.. well I'm not really sure how long they last, but from what I read it's definitely not forever. I came across these advertised in Lucky Magazine a couple months ago. Brilliant idea I thought... so I bought them..and I love them. They charge pretty quickly and for me last longer in my digi cam then any lithium battery...Plus my camera's just acting funny, and sucks the life outta any battery I put in it period.

All and all these things are "Freggin Awesome!" They're about 18.00 bucks for two, and when I bought them the shipping was free. One of my best "impulse" buys yet.

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