Monday, June 29, 2009

That Body!!!

I got to give it to Gwenyth Paltrow.... That chick is smoking! To be honest with you the blond haired/ blue eyed look really isn't my thing... neither are girls btw.. but she is hot. For a woman who is not so abundant in T&A her body is damn near perfect....her legs are just that. They're not too skinny, and toned to a well size for her. Her proportions work for her. That's hard to peg when working out. She trains with Tracy Anderson, who despite being arrested in the past for not paying bills, has made quite a name for herself in the Fitness community.
She has a few gyms throughout the county with the backing of Gwen and trains on a machine she invented called The Hybrid Body Reformer. Being a girl of fitness for the past almost 20 years what she has "created" doesn't seem to be anything different than Pilates with an edge. All of her moves are very Ballet inspired and the lack of any REAL weight resistance ie: 5 lbs and up, seems to me like those who are short on time won't benefit much from this workout...unless you enjoy doing 50-100 reps. Nevertheless... if you have the time to put it to it go for it.

She's done wonders for Gwen and Madonna, but if I had to chose a body to strive for I would go with fitness beauty Maggie Diubaldo. Her abs may be a bit much but to me she's got the "ideal" figure....for those who are into physical fitness. Her form is a result of weight training. I prefer an athletic build, but I would not be dissatisfied with Gwenyths frame. If Maggie looks familiar to you it's because you've seen her on the cover of many Fitness magazines including several covers of Oxygen. She's also a seven... count it.. 7 time First Place winner in the Fame Fitness Competitions. The girl is gorgeous. Tracy doesn't believe in building bulk or that women should lift more than 3 lbs, but if you want results and don't have a lot of time go for the MaggieD workout. Both women are outstandingly beautiful though. In the end it's all a lot of hard work.

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  1. Gwenyth Paltrow is hot gotta love a girl with blond hair and blue eyes. looking into their eyes and like looking into a skyblue sea, very sexy if i must say. that other Maggie is cut like a fine diamond seems a litte off but she makes it work.