Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Day

So after months of trying to get me to break my lease early, I've finally moved into my boyfriends apartment. His apartment is smaller than mine but his rent is ridiculously cheap and all utilities are included. We just have to deal with crackheads in the alley and loud Bachata and Merengue from the bar next door. The crackheads are nothing new for me, but the bar and the prostitutes that come with it are. Not your typical hookers however. These girls are hot. Uh..well worth what the men there pay ..I guess.

Ugh... Friday and the rest of this past weekend was all one giant moving day. Now... when I first moved into my apartment I didn't have much so my initial "moving experience" wasn't so bad. Can't say the same for my second time around. It was horrible! I see now why people hire movers. No longer will I deem them lazy asses who can't handle a little lifting. I was on my feet for four days straight between packing up items at my apt, and putting them away at my boyfriends apt. I slept a total of only about 20 hours for those four days, and felt like the walking dead by Monday, but the task is done. We are now a year and two months into dating, and are officially playing house. They say moving in together before marriage isn't the best idea. Apparently the sex dies down and you spend less time together..which I find strange. Why by the cow when you can get the milk for free right?? Well this cow isn't looking to be bought so soon. Wish us luck tho.. I do love this guy.

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