Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Isn't It Obvious??

Anyone who asks me who I'm digging in music right now I tell them Amy Winehouse then and still now. One of the few with real talent (despite the drug use... but then again don't all the greats have some kind drug problem???). However she ain't got nothing on Shanna Crooks!
I've been waiting for Shanna to release a cd since she first Friend Requested me on Myspace almost, if not two years ago. It was love at first listen, tho I can't remember the name of the first song I actually heard by her. She rotates through a lot on her page. I do know it was enough to peak my interest-which is pretty hard to do. The one that I always go back to is "Obvious".

I love this song!!! LOVE IT! So well written and sung beautifully. This girl can blow!, let me tell you. Here's my one gripe however...I prefer her R&B version of the song, but it seems she's gravitating towards a more Pop-Country sound by her revised version. I have to admit I worry about her taking her music to this genre. I understand if she wants to grab the tweens and teens, but we've already got a Britney and Jessica. Why try to put out a sound so currently Jessica Simpson-esque knowing that her music currently is going nowhere???

She also has a song called "Love and Misery"- that I've deemed my theme song- that's so hot I really feel it's got chart topping potential...if left the way it is (not the way it is on her Atlantic Records page. A much better version was on her Myspace). It's got that Christina Aguliera "Fighter" edge with "in your face" lyrics. So up my alley! If you love A7X like I do you've already heard her laying down back up vocals on "Dear God". She's definitely worth checking out. If you too become a super fan you can purchase her latest "Waking Up to Love" on iTunes. Support her people. With the right guidance she's going to be huge..HUGE!

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