Friday, July 5, 2013

To Mint or not to Mint.

            There's ShoeMint, there's HomeMint, there's even IntiMint all brought to us by BeachMint. The "Next Generation Social Commerce Company".  I'll admit.. I was a fan originally.  I loved and raved about JewelMint when it first arrived on the scene. (Remember my "Bling Bling" post a couple years ago...  .)
Currently however,  I gotta rant about them.   I've actually been ranting about them to myself for about a year now planning to cancel my membership but never really getting around to it.  Seriously tho, why do you have to call to cancel your JewelMint membership but not for any of the others???

           First of all, I hardly EVER like anything they add to my showroom anymore.  I almost feel like I should take the "style" quiz again and pray for better results.  Some of the other pieces available on the site are quite nice like these Open Arrow Rings.

Then again one of the comments left by a customer states that the rings look cheap.  And I can agree with her there being my very first purchase from JM back in 2011 was this In The Rough ring,  

 which has faded on the band after only a few wears. But what can you really expect from jewelry for only $29.00

I did recently purchase their Lady Luxe Cuff in black and I do love it, 

however my main reason for buying it was because I wasn't able to "Skip the Month" in time before they charged me.  In the beginning you had until the 7th of each to officially skip it.  Now you only have until the 5th and let me tell you... when you're already running around worried about other things you forget to "skip" you're month.  It really sucks.  They got me about 3 times with this so far, and I couldn't even use my credit to buy this cuff because I it was on sale, which I didn't know either and wondered why my account said I still had 1 credit until I saw my Amex bill.  Did I mention you can't use your credits to purchase any Collective pieces either... Even if they're priced UNDER the $29.00 credit you receive???  Yea... I don't get that..

All in all they have a decent product especially if you're buying from their Collective brand.  It's the service that's a little irritating to me.  Very "Do this, but don't do that"...a lil bit of a pain in the ass if you ask me.

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