Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't Bother

If you see this tea kettle at Walmart....

run in the other direction.  This is the Copco 2.3 Qt Stainless Steel kettle.... and it sucks.  To be truthful I was looking for a cheap tea kettle from the thrift store questioning the quality of the mugs I was using to heat up water in the microwave.  I first came across this kettle there, and not realizing what I was purchasing thought it would go great with the color scheme of my kitchen.  Well when it came time to get a new one I went to Walmart and low and behold...the same exact one.  It was the cheapest mind you so I wondered a little right there but decided to go with it anyway.  BIG mistake.  About two weeks into using it the metal pieces on the nozzle part that lifts providing the boil whistle fell off into my tea! This continues to happen to this day.  Also the part of the handle that's used to open the spout gets stuck once in a while and can be a little tough to get to closed.  You can't let it boil too long because it can damage the pot -the spout will melt a little- but if the cap isn't on securely it doesn't whistle anyway which doesn't help when your in another room. Plus I stopped hearing the whistle once those pieces fell off. It only "whispers" now.  Invest in quality people.  This will now only be a backup kettle.

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