Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cheap Tricks

                    I love decorating however...I'm pretty cheap.  So when it came to adding wall art to "Beans" nursery I looked around at what I already had and came up with these.

Now..I'm new to blogging about projects and crafts that I do so please forgive me for not offering a Step-by-Step on how I created these.

They simply consist of two gift bags I received- one with the baby animals and the other being a simple pale pink- some wrapping paper, certificate frames from the Dollar Tree, scissors, and a glue gun.  

The animal portion of the first gift bag originally looked like this..
I cut around the squares to where they all looked the same.  The only measuring I did was when it was time to add the wrapping paper and plain pink gift bag as backing.

The finished product looks like so..

I even used the string handles of the bags making them into bows and gluing them to the corners of the frames.  This was one of the best things I've done for her nursery because she absolutely loves these pictures.  They're placed right above her changing table and she's constantly cooing and smiling at them.  We call it her "talking to her friends".  And all it cost me to make one was about $1.10.  A dollar for each of the frames and $2.99 for the wrapping paper I picked up at Marshalls.

A win!

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