Monday, June 24, 2013

...And It's Back to the Drawing Board

So I had a child about 11 weeks ago now.

...isn't she precious.

And we know that lovely baby weight that we embraced while pregnant is not looking so cute now that the egg has hatched.

I went from this

(pay no attention to my boyfriends mess in the background...we'll just say it was "laundry day") least I have boobs now.  I must say.. I kinda dig having all these hips.  To be completely honest however this isn't the worst.  I was pretty rough looking right out of the hospital.  All the drugs they gave me to have my C-Section did not do my body good..nor did the C-Section itself.  The image above is a vast improvement from the original me post op.
I went from 137 to 195 and am now at 163. I dropped the first 25 easily without any effort really (Hooray for breastfeeding!) In the past I have been this weight before but still in better shape than I am now.  So you know what that means!!!  Oh yes.  It's time to make dates with Retro Fitness, Tony Horton, Pauline Nordin and all the free workout videos I can find on Youtube!!  The physical aspect of getting in shape is never the problem for's the nutrition that gets me. This girl likes to eat! But I am determined and ready to go in an all out effort to get back to this...

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