Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rag & Bone vs Everyone

Well...if they say "imitation is the best form of flattery"
                                                                   Rag & Bone must really be feeling the love.....

Their Talia v-neck sweater has been imitated SO many times it is ridiculous!

It is a great sweater I must say,  and I'll admit I'm actually wearing a knock off version of it by Derek Heart I picked up for 8 bucks at Rue21 as I write this post.  Although I do feel some type of way about knocking off designer pieces, in reality we all can't afford R&B prices.

Excuse the tired expression.  I working with a stiff neck here...

So while browsing around on  I wasn't too surprised coming  across this.

This is Vero Moda's Varsity Style Long Line Sweater.  I will admit...I do like it just a tad more than the R&B despite the absence of the deep V neckline which I'm quite fond of.  
I like the length, added stripes on the hem and that it's 100% cotton.   I also like the price.  $47.38

,,,,,what an odd price.....

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