Saturday, January 31, 2015


Thank you for all the great financial, career, and entrepreneurial advice you've given me these past days.


It's becoming my new go to for all this type of information and more.  They recently posted this great article by Tina Chen called "How to Stop Being a Slave to Time".  Probably one of the best time management posts I've read in a long time, that came at the most perfect time for me.  My favorite take-aways were "Redefine Your Measuring Stick" and "Set Up a Routine for Yourself"  You can read the whole article below on

While there I also fell in love with these two quotes from the post...

Career Advice From Startup Founders 

Always Move Forward

“Do not let uncertainty get in your way of moving forward. Good ideas put you on the map. Active decisions drive you to success.”
—Stacy Tasman, founder of
And Ride It Out
“Be like a seagull. Ride the waves as they ebb and flow. But never forget that you have the ability to fly.”
—Michelle Goldblum, founder of I AM. creative & Soul Camp those gals.

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