Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Give Me Lots O Sweaters! Thick Nordic Warm Sweaters!!

I'm a sweater junkie.  I have a lot.  Not a ridiculous number that's just unmanageable, but perhaps too many to pull out every winter.   Lately I've been all about quality 80's style sweaters from the thrifts.  I don't care how much I look like I just stepped out of "She's One of the Guys" of my favorite 80's movies btw.

Anthropologie's offering this beautiful Barnegat Pullover by Knitted and Knotted for $98

While Ralph Lauren is giving away this Snowflake and Reindeer sweater dropped from $298 to $94!

                                             however, is offering up some of the yummiest sweater dresses I seen in a long time-

This complete look is def. on my wishlist.

...can I get the above pieces in a medium, and an 8 and a half.

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