Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Anchors Away

                                                  This is where I'm living this summer..

This is the Ocean Water dress at GreatGlam.com...and I do apologize for the tiny shot. 
I literally just purchased this dress as I write this post (Grant it I did stare at the web page for about 5 days before really deciding..but whatev.)

I usually make my own dress to prance around in in the summer ..and tho I did make a brown and white striped on similar to this..mine doesn't have the nifty hood.  I too enjoy how this is somewhat sheer making it still a practical choice for the shore (the youngin's in NJ trot around our beaches in very little clothing).

So yes..at 28.80 I will be calling this dress my place of residence for summer 2014


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