Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shades of Grey

Oh 126King... it has been sometime.  Fashion Week is over and since I'm not cool enough to be invited to anyone's fashion show..hint hint John Galliano...or at least Gwen Stefani.... I will be doing my usual sweep of all the shows pictures on Sad I know.. but it's all I got.

Today I'm gushing over the cutest Embroidery Beaded Dress from Forever21

I'll admit, this dress is pretty impressive for a low end trendy brand.  It's from their Love21 collection which explains the maturity of the dress.

The length is perfect for a 
summer bbq and it can be uber dressed up with a banging pair of heels and maybe something draped over the shoulders.  I am seriously loving this dress!  $37.80 ladies.  It is on my list.

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