Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We're all aware that the best fat burners on the market come in forms of thermogenics...yes.  However,  some of us don't particularly enjoy the jitters and rapid heart beat that comes with it.   Thank goodness for GNC and their new product Safely Slim. It comes in the form of chocolate or vanilla shakes, is loaded with 20 grams of (though it doesn't state what kind), is only 110 calories per serving, and the kicker... It claims to target fat 4:1 over muscle.

Hhhmmmm.  I really do want this to be true.  You get the protein, plus the fat loss in one without all the creepy side effects.  Almost sounds too good to be true.|Safely+Slim&camp=PPC:463943797&002=2269848&004=1688695724&005=16572777464&006=4505428244&007=Search&008=

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