Saturday, December 19, 2009


When did we decide that Nip/Tuck was going off the air??? As this Wednesdays episode ended and I eagerly awaited for the preview for next Weds. episode I was smacked in the face with the news that my favorite show would be or is currently premiering it's last season. The show will be airing it's last episode in June after a lil hiatus. Really??? Why?? I mean yea... the show doesn't have as much hype as it did when it first came out, but the stories are still pretty good and it hasn't lost it's "Shock!..Yes we did just take it there" value. And although the last season looks very promising and nostalgic with the resurgence of Columbian drug lord Escobar Gollardo and Sean appearing to want to lay the smack down on someone.. why so soon.. Really??

With Project Runway running to LA and Lifetime (tho they're coming back to NY next season, I'm not sure if that will help the ratings at all), and becoming pretty sad to watch, all I have is Ghosthunters...yes I watch Ghosthunters, and occasionally Planet Earth..when I'm feeling extra "green". I eagerly await the second season of RHWONJ but there's nothing else. It's like a boxer... go out while you're still on top I guess. I always had the feeling the show wouldn't be on that long. I assumed we would get burned out on it and the storyline would start to suck but I guess it's better this way. At least I still watch it.. can't say the same for Project Runway.

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