Monday, November 3, 2014

No More Skipping

So I was all ready to skip this month's charge from Jewelmint, like always when I seemed to be having the most difficult time finding the button.
...Low and Behold!!..We No Longer Need To Skip To Not Be Charged!!!!!!!
Oh My Gods...someone heard my prayers!! (or rants) and I don't have to dread the 1st to the 5th of every month!!!!   What a friggin blessing!

However...unfortunately for Jewelmint it will be quite difficult for me to buy anything anymore being I haven't intentionally made a purchase since after they first launched.  My money is always spent better elsewhere.  You wouldn't know it today tho... I was all Jewelminted out.  I realized it when as resident at my job pointed out all my jewels and asked where I got them from....

In this shot I'm wearijng the Phoenix necklace, the Lady Luxe cuff which EVERYONE loves.  I get more comments on this dang cuff than anything else I wear, and my In the Rough ring which was my very first purchase.

I'm noticing now just how many pieces I have brought, or been forced to buy from them.  I must be a fan.

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