Wednesday, March 28, 2012

J’aime La France!

Oh my goodness!!


I am in love with this cookbook!   Is that even possible??    I, like anyone else on a budget and with a fondness of "pre-owned" items enjoy visiting thrift stores.  The only thing I ever seem to buy when I'm there however is cookbooks and belts (don't ask). I came across this one and once I opened it up I knew I was going to buy it...despite the $4.95 price tag.  I don't like to spend more than $2 on cookbooks in a thrift store.

It's not called the beautiful cookbook for nothing.  The images in it are amazing.  Not only do the dishes pop with color but there's something engaging about all the village shots.  In the end it was those shots that pretty much sold me on the book.  So gorgeous.
...also, it didn't hurt that the cashier felt the same way I did about the price and sold it to me for $2.00.  DEAL!

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