Friday, October 28, 2011

He Can't Do What??

On my most recent trip to the gym Tuesday of this week...(maybe I'm slacking just a lil) with Eric we got in our usually pretty intense workout, but then got a little extra when it was all over.

You see, Eric is a brand new certified personal trainer.  I've been working out for a long time, but I enjoy going with him because despite the fact that I know many of the exercises he's showing me, he helps me stay in good form and pushes me to work harder.  Sometimes it's just better working out with guys excited about P90X2??!!

So, the workout's over and we're on our way out.  Before we make it to the door Eric stops to get all his equipment situated when out walks the owner of that local Retro Fitness.  I'm all excited because I'm thinking he's offering Eric a job.  He's good..what can I say.  WRONG!

He's telling Eric he can't train people at the gym because it takes away from the trainers they've hired!  WHAT??  I'm baffled.  First of all, anyone who was watching could see he wasn't training me being we were BOTH working out.  And yes ..he has trained his client there before, but THEY BOTH HAVE MEMBERSHIPS TO THE GYM!!!  I don't see what the problem is. If they're paying to come to the gym to workout anyway how can you tell them they can't do it there??

We were both pretty pissed off about that, and poor E (Eric) had to contact his client to cancel their contract because they had no where to train (they both offered alternatives so hopefully she's still his client).
My membership for Retro expires in about 6 months and I was up in there air about renewing it, however the owner of that facility may have done it for me.  Am I being too harsh on Retro Fitness??  How is it Eric's fault that the trainers there aren't confident enough in their training ability that they cause another who is just working out with his friend to now have to be cautious about how he works out there?  Is it because I'm a girl who's pretty fit, and perhaps their trainers clients think they can get better results with Eric??  It all comes down to one question really....                                           .                                                                              .                                                       What would Ava Cowan Do?

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