Monday, October 11, 2010

The Call of the Celts

I'm posting this one for... FFFFRRRRREEEEEEDDDOOOOMMM!!!!!  Was Willam Wallace even Celtic??  All I know for is ths Fob-ulous necklace from appears t  be.

I've never been one for elaborate necklaces. Lord knows I didn't hop on the bib-necklace trend, but this one is kinda special. For something that is such a bargain price at $27.99 it really looks
like it cost so much more.  From the image provided by the website the gold doesn't
look like it was spray painted on aluminum.

I also really dig the fact that it is actually a watch and not just a pendant making it timeless and giving it heirloom quality.  My only gripe it that it is such a large piece. I would rather it small and dainty but how can you go wrong with something so damn pretty!

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