Monday, November 16, 2009

.... Let Talk Tech Support

Note to self:... Xbox tech support .. is a piece of shit. My poor boyfriend just spent 30 mins on the phone with their "tech guy" trying to configure his wireless adapter to the internet. Apparently the "support" didn't quite understand the meaning of WIRELESS ADAPTER telling Patrick that he needed to run an Ethernet cable to the router... What's the point of getting a wireless adapter if you're still going to be using cables?? When Pat explained that he didn't have a 100 ft long cable the idiot told him that he couldn't continue with the troubleshooting procedure because if he couldn't rule out step 3 ( the cable) they couldn't move on to step 4. Okay... Pat asks for a manager.. The guy puts him on hold for a while, comes back on without getting the manager like Pat asks and repeats the same bullshit.

My baby got pretty pissed hung up the phone and tossed it... it was pretty hot to see. I googled(cuz google is God) "How To Configure Your Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter?". 2 minutes we had the answer. 10 mins his connection was hooked up. What the fuck is tech support good for?

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